2017 in review

Luminate Edition #2

In 2017, our company transformed from Premium Lighting to Unios™ – a distillation of our vision for bringing balance in design, performance and accessibility to the lighting industry. Read on for a recap of everything that was 2017.
Balance. In many ways, 2017 represented a year of reinvigoration and reinvention to find the perfect balance. How do we find a harmonious balance between design, performance and accessibility? This is the question that was endlessly debated internally - in relation to our product offering, our brand and our support systems. Our engineering team needed to develop luminaires that continued our design philosophy but also presented a compelling value proposition. Our brand team needed to reimagine our brand to more purposefully express our ethos. Our operations team needed to streamline our internal systems and procedures to better support our clients.

As a result, 2017 began with a palpable sense of anticipation and ends with an appreciation of complete transformation. We have tirelessly worked to transform our brand, our product offering and our support structures to find that balance in quality and accessibility. In recent years, countless industries have been transformed by a universal accessibility to a level of quality that was previously unattainable. Lighting is beginning to bear witness to a similar shift in thinking. Each step we take is moving us forward to bringing a more universal light to the industry.

Paley Ho
General Manager
In this second edition of Luminate – our annual review of the year that has been, we take a look back at our rebrand from Premium Lighting to Unios, the opening of showrooms in Sydney, landmark projects completed throughout the year and new product innovations.

All of this has been made possible by our network of distributors, architects and consultants. It has been a milestone year for Unios and we would like to take the opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support. We wish you a festive season full of joy and look forward to working with you in 2018.

Paley Ho

General Manager

The Year of Unios

After over 12 months of strategy, design and implementation – our brand was reimagined as Unios in Sydney this year.
The seed was planted in 2016 when we asked ourselves what was the essence of our brand. This kickstarted an audit of our brand that touched on every aspect of our organisation. The result of the audit was an action plan to realign the essence of our brand with our visual identity. The brand strategy was as comprehensive as it was daring – renaming our brand wasn't a decision taken lightly.

Over 300 names later, Unios was born. Unios represents a distillation of our vision for restoring balance in design, performance and accessibility to a fast evolving industry. We call it universal light. It is a light for every project, every application, every function. This represented the most significant change in the recent history of our company. It needed a launch befitting the significance of the occasion.

Henry Luong
Brand Manager
Enter DesignBuild. 48 hours of installation resulted in 3 days of festivities, the launch of 20 new luminaire ranges and the official launch of Unios. Built from the ground up, our bespoke exhibition stand was construction of an intricate array of 5 suspended ceilings, 14 custom wall displays and a custom bench centrepiece. We were honoured to have been awarded the best stand for the show. Over 7,000 architects, designers and engineers came through the doors of the ICC at Darling Harbour to celebrate the launch of Unios.

From that first seed in 2016, a new brand was born. One that stood at the forefront of a changing industry, building on a strong foundation in design and manufacturing pedigree to make quality luminaires more accessible than ever. It is a future defined by a universal light – a light for all. Welcome to Unios.
Opening Doors Across Australia
In 2017, Unios opened the doors to a new office and showroom in the heart of Sydney.
After the official launch of Unios in May, we set our sights on setting the foundation for a new platform and physical presence to better support distributors, architects, designers and consultants in New South Wales. In Sydney, we have set up a showroom to demonstrate our expansive range and provide an on-brand display and exhibition space.

Our inaugural Sydney showroom is located in the heart of Alexandria. Situated inside the historic Slazenger factory that opened in 1938, the Unios showroom blends a piece of Sydney history with the latest innovations in architectural lighting. The grand and distinctly industrial interior is fitting for our minimalist approach to product and lighting design. With soaring glass in every direction, the openness of the building carries through to a web of wall displays and floating ceilings that is an open invitation for interaction and play.

With 2018 only just around the corner, there are more plans to extend our reach across Australia and advocate our universal light philosophy to all areas of the country.

Zack Bray
Business Development Manager

Landmark Projects

Working with globally recognised and award winning local brands to actualise projects of all shapes and sizes.
The flexibility and extensibility of our approach to lighting is nowhere more evident than in the projects we have collaborated on in 2017. Whether the project involves a comprehensive schedule of luminaires across a complex design or a limited budget with a tight timeframe – our diverse range and level of customisation is designed to accomodate each individual situation. The outcomes of each of these projects speak for themselves in their creativity and design thinking.

Ricky Fischer
Business Development Manager
Working with Carr Design Group, Wood & Grieve and our Victorian Commercial Partner, Lights & Tracks, on illuminating Jackalope Hotel proved to be a highlight and marker for Unios. Awarded Australia's Best Hotel in 2017, Jackalope has been conceived through a dynamic and intricate union between some of Australia's most renowned creatives. The lighting design and specified luminaires united with the building design and art to create a hotel like no other in Australia.

Other highlights in 2017 include the reinvigoration of Intercontinental Hotel in Perth and the launch of Marco Siracusa's new menswear destination in Melbourne - Masons. Stay tuned on unios.com for more projects nearing completion in 2018.

Equal parts bold, daring and opulent, this uniquely designed hotel is reimagining the definition of luxury.
A unique synthesis of high end streetwear and bespoke suits that represents a definitive destination for luxury menswear.
A superb example of future-proofing, visual comfort and minimalist design at the new ARUP Perth headquarters.

Product Innovation

With LED technology developing at a rapid pace, it's paramount to continually adopt the latest innovations in a dynamic field.
With the introduction of Unios, 2017 presented many challenges to design and engineer a range of new products to match the occasion. The concept was to strip back to what Unios truly stands for as a brand – Universal Light. The goal was to develop a range of products that was not only innovative, but flexible in functionality. Movement was one of the key focuses with our new range, which saw the introduction of a number of adjustable luminaires - Switch, Shift (In and Out), Kinetic and the Helix series.

David Ho
Engineering Manager
Part of the joy of working with our network of partners, consultants and designers is receiving their invaluable feedback of where we can expand and innovate our range of luminaires. Colour rendition and efficacy are continuously talking points amongst enthusiasts which sent our team on a journey to challenge our LED partners. This lead to Unios proudly introducing CRI97+ technology in a range of our flagship luminaires with a key emphasis on a high R9 value - the colour red. While adapting superior colour rendition, our flagship Titanium downlight was rebuilt to deliver higher efficacy, stemming from our relentless pursuit of delivering the most energy efficient light source.

As a brand that challenges itself on delivering a gamut of solutions to the market, one of our endeavours is to explore ways of how light can be shaped. The Ori wall light was one of the leading features at our DesignBuild stand, showcasing lens technology. This continues to be a significant area of development for our team and we are exhilarated to share some new and exciting technologies in 2018.

On the Horizon

Specification and collaboration in the digital space are looking to be two key themes entering into 2018 and beyond.
How do we streamline the specification process? How can architects, consultants and distributors collaborate together to build a luminaire schedule? Our team are working steadfastly in answering these questions – building processes and tools to improve efficiency and product selection.

On a product development front, lens technology and modularity continues to be a focus for our engineers. The team is looking at innovative ways to bring a more precise light and configurable systems to our products. Unios are already looking at what the next chapter holds, with details being revealed in the coming months.

2017 has been one of the most exciting years with the launch of Unios – encapsulating our vision of restoring balance in design, performance and accessibility to a fast evolving industry. With the year coming to a close, we are excited to continue to work with our distributors and collaborate with designers, architects and consultants across a spectrum of projects in the upcoming year.

Paley Ho
General Manager
Editor — Henry Luong
Contributors — Paley Ho, Ricky Fischer, Zack Bray, David Ho, John Dimitrelos, Bill Kosmas
Photography — Richard Lu, Alessandro Cerutti, Simon Whitbread
Art Direction — Henry Luong
Designer — Andrew Purvis
Special thanks to — The team at Unios, all our clients and distributors
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