2018 projects
Unios in a new light
By John Dimitrelos and Bill Kosmas
Coinciding with our mantra of 'universal light' we reflect on 2018 with the landmark projects that came with it.
Lighting the way for Cricket Victoria, Melbourne saw an innovative and sustainable approach when it came to illuminating the historical landmark at Junction Oval. Established in 1856, Junction Oval was once the home base of the Melbourne Football Club and has played host to a number of state cricket matches.

Now referred to as the CitiPower Centre, its $40 million redevelopment made way for new administrative headquarters, high-performance facilities, an indoor centre and medical and rehabilitation areas. In collaboration with Lights & Tracks, Unios produced custom street lights for this specific project, along with various architectural luminaires to mirror design elements. The project united smart lighting with a creative purpose.
Following the theme of illuminating historical buildings, we meet the Melbourne Hotel; a hospitality project completed in the heart of Perth City. With the Melbourne Hotel being a part of the Perth local character and culture since 1897, the lighting design needed to pay homage to the hotel's history while balancing a modern and innovative concept.

Perhaps the hero element to this design was the original walls, which have been in place for over a hundred years. Approaching the feature wall with functionality and versatility, our Axis Surface Mounted Downlight was placed purposefully as an uplight. With the rotation set at 90°, the Axis created a soft, rustic wall wash and illuminated the vertical surface with uniform brightness.
In November this year, we met a unique residential design which came to fruition in Castlecrag NSW. In an unusual concept, this home utilised minimal downlighting and found its primary source of illumination through indirect light. A unique idea, and one that entirely inspired and complimented our mantra for 2018.

These three projects, among many others throughout the year cemented our ethos - our world is characterised by how light can define architecture and enhance our lives. Junction Oval, the Melbourne Hotel and Castlecrag knew no boundaries and utilised each Unios product with innovative intent, with each project reaching a truly unique and desirable lighting outcome.
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